Specialists in the restoration of damaged flooring

The importance of maintenance
If the floor of your business premises has deteriorated over time, or due to chemical factors or to poor design, Recodi can provide the answers you need. Our consummate experience enables us to offer an excellent service for the maintenance and repair of damaged industrial floors, with rapid turnarounds to limit interruptions to your productivity while also minimizing the amount of dust created. There are various factors that can cause the degradation of a floor: the transit of hard-wheeled goods-handling vehicles (nylon and vulkollan) and chemical aggression are among the most common factors.
The most frequently occurring problems are:
  • breaking of the construction and contraction joints
  • low resistance to wear, with degradation of the surface, formation of holes and production of dust
  • breaking and surface detachment of industrial tiles (gres, klinker, etc.)
  • detachment of the surface due to frost on external floors and damage to the alkali-aggregate reaction (pop-out)
  • deformation of the slabs with subsequent raising of the blocks and compromising of the working surface
  • breaking off of corner cracks
  • loss of levelness due to inclinations caused by wear.
Recodi is able to reinstate the surface, returning the floor to like-new condition in terms of durability and functionality.
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