Flooring for the mechanical engineering industry

Mechanical Engineering

Why is Recodi the ideal partner for the mechanical engineering industry?
Because the handling and warehousing of heavy loads are everyday operations in this industry, and the choice of the right flooring can prevent these loads from causing damage.
Because Recodi selects the floor to be installed on the basis of the type of load that it must support most frequently – a heavy load at specific point, as is the case in warehouses, or a continuous mechanical load, as is the case in production facilities and in areas subject to traffic.
Because our floors are resistant to mechanical abrasions, thanks to their properties of hardness and resistance.
Because we make resin coatings that make the surface waterproof and easy to clean, thus ensuring that any oil and grease deposits from the machinery do not infiltrate the porous foundations of concrete floors.
Because we produce non-slip solutions custom-designed for the client – depending on the level of traction required – to help prevent oil spillages from creating safety risks.
Because we apply floor markings, which are essential for sub-dividing the various working areas and for differentiating transit areas from parking areas and production areas.
Because Recodi floors, with their pleasing appearance, contribute to creating an image of quality, which is particularly important during customer visits and audits.
Areas for which Recodi has the right solution:
  • assembly areas
  • mechanical processing areas
  • warehouse
  • white rooms.