Industrial floors for wineries and drinks manufacturers

Wineries and Drinks Manufacturers

If it is true that each production process requires specifically designed flooring, then Recodi’s solutions for wineries and bottling plants demonstrate the company’s consolidated expertise in this area, since Recodi high-quality floors deliver exceptional levels of performance.
Wineries and Drinks Manufacturers
With more than 50 years of experience and a constant commitment research and technological innovation, Recodi offers wineries and manufacturers of drinks and cooking oils not only the ability to meet the sector’s most important requirements – i.e. floors that are resistant, durable, hygienic and easy to clean – but also a focus on the regulatory, logistical and aesthetic aspects that are integral to these working environments. Essential features of any floor to be laid in these spaces are that they be waterproof and resistant to chemical agents, and as such it is necessary to select the best products on a case-by-case basis and to lay them very carefully.

The key factors for wineries flooring are:

  • the acidic pH of wine and alkaline pH of the most common detergents (baking soda)
  • the constant presence of water.
These elements require in-depth know-how to design and deliver durable, high-performance solutions for these areas.
Wineries and Drinks Manufacturers
Here are some examples:
  • design of the concrete floor in such a way that it will resist the stresses caused by the loads of the systems, tanks and stocked products
  • skirting strips between the floor and the walls allow for easy cleaning and prevent the proliferation of bacteria (HACCP system, Italian Legislative Decree 193/07)
  • non-slip solutions and jointless connection to the drainage systems boost safety in the presence of the water used for the constant washing operations in the tank and bottling zones
  • solutions with excellent aesthetic qualities meet the image requirements of environments that are open to visitors, clients and trade professionals, while also enhancing the corporate image for marketing purposes.
Recodi’s expertise and professionalism make it the ideal partner for the wine and bottling industries. The company designs state-of-the-art concrete and resin floors, always based on an analysis of the most appropriate solution for the specific product, the traditions of the winery and its objectives.