Standard mixtures and mixtures customized to meet your needs

Production of pre-mixed mortars

Production of high-quality pre-mixed concrete in relatively short time frames – both standard mixtures and mixtures customized to meet your specific needs. Our products can be packaged in Recodi-branded bags, blank bags or bags supplied by you.

Recoquarz mortar

The ready-to-use hardening powder to be mixed into the surface of fresh concrete. Composed of high-hardness siliceous aggregates with Portland cement, additives and coloured pigments.

Recogrout – Self-levelling mortar

Fibre-reinforced, self-levelling, pre-mixed non-shrink grout. High mechanical resistance (already briefly seasoned), high adhesive power, durable, ductile and waterproof. Recomat 100 is a high-resistance, pumpable, shrinkage-compensating grout that adheres very effectively to hardened concrete and iron.

Recoplate mortar

Fluid or super-fluid mortar to protect the surfaces of industrial floors.

Recogold mortar

Rapid-hardening, abrasion-resistant, self-levelling mortar for industrial floors no more than 5 cm thick.
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