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Protective industrial coatings
We produce coatings of the highest quality. In our production process, we take account of all the relevant technical details, from the preparation of the surface to achieve the optimum anchoring of the coating to the flooring underneath it, all the way to the laying phase. The attention focused on these factors ensures that the coating retains its characteristics over time, thus guaranteeing its durability.

A focus on quality and durability

A ready-to-use hardening powder to be mixed into the surface of fresh concrete. Composed of high-hardness siliceous aggregates with Portland cement, additives and coloured pigments.
With a minimal investment, the risks are substantial reduced and the maximum return of the investment is assured.
Our procedure is as follows:
  • Technical investigation into the existing floor, conducted by our technical experts.
  • Polymer technology. We offer an extensive range of polymer solutions to resolve the most challenging issues caused by corrosion.
  • Option to choose the most appropriate system. We have a comprehensive range of combinations of coatings to meet your specific set of requirements.
  • Technical details. It’s the details that make the difference, since they ensure excellent resistance and durability of the surface.
  • Installation. This operation is carried out by teams of qualified installers, respecting the agreed timescales in order to minimize production downtime.
  • Post-installation services. Our technical conduct an in-depth inspection once the works have been completed to ensure that the floor meets the highest standards.
  • Customer satisfaction. We work hard to fulfil each client’s specific set of requirements and to establish long-term relationships with them, intervening rapidly and effectively should any problems arise.
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