When it's the technology on the construction site that makes the difference

Laser Screed flooring
The Laser Screed vibrocompacting machine is a piece of computer-controlled machinery that was designed to prop up and vibrocompact industrial concrete floors. It features a telescopic arm, at the end of which there is a vibrating screed that allows for the concrete to be worked with a very high degree of precision. To manoeuvre it, specific training is required, allowing operators to use it safely and efficiently and to deal directly with maintenance.
The use of this innovative technology ensures high-quality results and greater resistance and durability of the floor, with respect to traditional manual application:
  • It is possible to use an S3 consistency class concrete, as an alternative for the concrete used for traditional casting, which tends to use an S4-S5 consistency, with a consequent saving on cost
  • Substantial reduction in laying times, making it easier to meet the scheduled deadlines – indeed, it become possible to create between surfaces of between 1,000 and 2,500 m2 per day
  • Option to produce large casting beds, thus also reducing the number of construction joints, which are the weakest point of the floor, and therefore minimizing future maintenance
  • Higher level of resistance since the concrete is well compacted and vibrated, removing a great deal of the air in it and rendering it less porous. Floors made using Laser Screed have a higher levelling tolerance thanks to the laser control (at 300 pulses per minute).

Laser Screed technology

Floors made with this technology are ideal, above all, for large areas utilized by robotized systems and racking, which require a perfectly flat surface; outdoor service areas and airport runways are examples of this type of surface.

The versatility of this machine enables its deployment in different environments, from outdoor areas to manufacturing and logistics facilities.
Recodi has been equipped with Laser Screed technology since 1992, with a view to delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art floors. At present, the company has 3 Laser Screed machines, including the most high-tech model, the S-22E Advanced Laser Screed.
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