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Floor markings

Recodi’s operations are not limited to laying the floor, since it also offers a design and manufacturing service for floor markings – i.e. the set of standardized symbols, lines and text that is used to regulate the flow of people and vehicles, creating a functional, safe environment.


Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008 defines the different types of signage that may be used, the methods of production and the signalling protocols, with a view to making the signage highly visible to workers and to differentiating the different area (hazardous areas, escape routes, etc.), and to manage the transit of any vehicles using the site.


To produce the signage, we use epoxy and polyurethane resins with different colours and shapes, created with specific templates and tapes. Aisles, directional arrows, pedestrian crossings and tests are examples of some of the signs we make. Resins ensure the long service life of the signage – longer than traditional coatings – with consequent savings, since repairs are required less frequently, meaning less downtime.

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