Flooring for car parks


Why is Recodi the ideal partner for car park surfaces?
Because for more than 50 years, Recodi has been offering floors designed to support the constant stresses of the medium-to-heavy loads resulting from the presence of cars and trucks. And at Recodi, the technological innovation never stands still.
Because whether it’s made of concrete or resin, or both, a Recodi surface is made using high-quality materials to delivery exceptional performance.
Because Recodi offers floors with a resin coating that meets specific requirements:
  • resistant to abrasion and wear
  • resistance to chemical agents (hydrocarbons, oils, acids, etc.)
  • non-slip
  • elasticity
Because Recodi’s resin-coated floors not only offer an effective, durable surface – they also imbue the area where they are laid with a pleasing, well-organized appearance, thanks to the option to differentiate areas with a range of colours.
Because we also deal with the installation of non-slip car-park access ramps, featuring ridged or herringbone finishes to facilitate the adhesion of the types of the floor.
Because we apply floor markings in various shapes and colours to the surface, where concrete or resin.
Because the materials used by Recodi comply with the environmental restrictions applicable to the location where they are in use.
Suitable areas:
  • indoor and outdoor car parks
  • car-park access areas.