Flooring for food laboratories

Food and Drink

A robust, durable industrial floor that is suitable for food-processing plants is the best way to ensure high performance and significant savings. Recodi’s high-quality solutions for the food-processing industry embody specific expertise in this sector.

Recodi’s expertise and professionalism make it the ideal partner in the food-processing industry for the design of high-tech concrete and resin-coating floors, identifying and implementing the most appropriate solution for the type of product processed by the client company.


With 50 years of consolidated experience and a constant sensitivity towards the latest research and technological innovation, Recodi offers food-processing companies a range of concrete and resin floors that have what it takes to meet the sector’s most important requirements:

Cleaning and hygiene
  • jointless and feature skirting strips between the walls and the floor to avoid the accumulation of dirt and the settlement of bacteria
  • compact and waterproof throughout their entire thickness, and inactive, so that they do not encourage bacterial or fungal growth – this is essential for environments where high standards of hygiene are a pre-requisite.
Resistance and durability
  • resistant to the chemical aggression of the organic acids in foodstuffs, such as in fruit, vegetable oil and milk (when spills evaporate, the concentration increases and the acid becomes more aggressive)
  • resistant to the chemical aggression of the substances used in the production phase and of the solvents used during the cleaning of the systems
  • resilient to mechanical abrasions due to the transit of fork-lift trucks and to wear during normal operations
  • designed to support extreme conditions of thermal shock at high and low temperatures.
The higher level of chemical resistance offered by the flooring allows us to ensure the long-term durability of the floor. Thick floors are more durable because the extra width protects the line of intersection from the stresses produced during normal operations.
The non-slip factor is particularly important, given the constant presence of water or other liquids on the surface.
  • specific custom-designed solutions for non-slip floors make the environment safer for the workers
  • the reinforcement of the joints between the floor and the water-drainage systems ensures more effective waterproofing
  • the use of larger-sized aggregates gives the floor greater abrasion-resistance and allows it to retain its non-slip properties.
Rapid installation

To avoid production-line downtime, many of our systems can be laid at the weekend or even overnight.


The longevity of Recodi floors helps to save precious resources, with less wastage of raw materials, time and energy in the removal and disposal of a floor.

The contribution of Recodi floors to the protection of the climate and the saving of energy is confirmed by the environmental impact evaluations conducted by independent bodies.