Concrete floors

Recodi: innovation and quality
Recodi offers a wide range of industrial concrete floors to meet any set of requirements. These floors, which utilise the in-depth design research conducted by the company, are the results of years of experience in the flooring sector.
The advantages of concrete floors can be summarized as follows:
  • Long-term durability, ensuring the retention of a high level of quality throughout the entire life cycle of the floor
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Excellent value-for-money
Pavimento senza giunti

RECOLESS jointless flooring

Floors without contraction joints are ideal for areas where there is a high level of traffic of fork-lift trucks/pallet trucks with hard wheels. Available in various thicknesses, they can cope with all type of load.

Pavimento esterni

External flooring

Low-porosity flooring that is resistant to the action of atmospheric phenomena, such as rain and rapid temperature shifts.

Pavimento radiante

Radiant flooring

Radiant flooring, with pipes or tubes laid on the ground over insulating, non-conductive material encased in concrete.

Pavimento con Laser Screed

Laser Screed flooring

Floors made with large casting beds, offering high levels of resistance and durability.
Pavimento tradizionale

RECOCRETE traditional flooring

Traditional flooring, reinforced with an electrically welded mesh, featuring contraction joints and cold shut, suitable for all types of load.

Pavimento per rampe antiscivolo

Flooring for non-skid ramps

Flooring for ramps between different levels, complete with non-skid finish and high resistance to atmospheric agents.

Pavimento a planarità controllata

Controlled level flooring

Linear flooring suitable for warehouses with high-level racks and transit of tall fork-lift trucks.

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