Industrial floors for the flexible-packaging industry

Flexible Packaging
ALL-IN-ONE PACKAGE: RESISTANT, HYGIENIC AND SAFE – these are the targets that Recodi floors manages to hit all at once.
The choice of floors that can offer the level of performance required by flexible-packaging plants is not one that can be taken lightly. Recodi’s years of specialization in this field allows it to bring sensitivity and expertise to the table, and to supply floors that meet the sector’s needs in terms of for chemical and mechanical resistance, hygiene and fireproofing.
Pavimenti industriali per il settore flexible packaging
Recodi is the ideal partner for clients in the flexible-packaging industry who are looking for state-of-the-art resin floors that have what it takes to fulfil the requirements of this production process through specific, high-performance solutions:
  • the presence of ethyl acetate – used in Europe for the thinning of inks – enables the design of solutions that increase the chemical resistance of the flooring surface
  • the requirement for water impermeability and resistance to impact requires a resinous coating that will not become detached from the surface and will not allow liquids to infiltrate
  • the need for mechanical resistance – to bumps and to the heavy loads of printing and cutting machinery and of fork-lift/pallet trucks used to transport reels – necessitates floors that are smooth, level and jointless, which can guarantee rapid, incident-free operation
  • the necessity for a high static-electricity dissipative capacity – to reduce as far as possible the risk of fire and explosion in the presence highly flammable materials such as solvents and of the high-speed production processes used for plastic films – makes it essential to deploy specific primers, metal tapes, busbars for connection to the building’s grounding system, and resinous formulations that contain conductive elements
  • the requirement for cleanliness and hygiene: hard-to-remove glues and ink residues demand finishes that are very smooth – and also renewable at a low cost – to facilitate cleaning operations; jointless surfaces or surfaces with skirting between the floor and the wall prevent the dirt from proliferating and make it easier to achieve a hygienic environment, which is particularly essential for films intended for food and pharmaceutical use.
Very much geared towards constant technological research and innovation, our approach sees us identify and then deliver the solution that best matches the product processed by the client company and the production area in question, which may include any of the following:
Pavimenti industriali per il settore flexible packaging
  • printing rooms
  • cutting rooms
  • coupling rooms
  • ink-preparation rooms
  • warehouses for raw materials and finished products
  • shipping areas
  • workshops
Thanks to the flexibility afforded by resin coatings – produced and laid by hand – we are also able to deliver effective solutions for the repair damaged floors. We can even get to areas underneath existing machinery, coating the surface with different materials such as gres tiles, and guaranteeing continuity between the floor and the plinths of the machinery, thus ensuring that the floor is level and remains hygienic. During these operations, in an awareness of the risk of fires being triggered due to the presence of flammable materials under the machines, we come prepared to deal with any sudden blaze.
With more than 50 years’ experience – and more than 20 in this specific sector – we know inside out the problems that may arise in the manufacture of flexible packaging, and we will be delighted to provide any necessary advice. Recodi’s work has always been marked out by skill and versatility, both of which are invaluable when operating in the field of flexible packaging.
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