Sustainable thinking

RecoGreen is the term we use to describe our enlightened corporate and industrial approach towards the environment, which for us translates into eco-aware choices of products and applications, and into the effort to reduce the environmental impact of our operations wherever possible. It is path we have undertaken with a determination to ensure the eco-friendly nature of our decision-making processes.

Eco-sustainable flooring

Recodi’s resin-coated floors have been designed to be highly durable, thus optimizing the investments made and reducing waste to the greatest possible extent. Even when a Recodi resin coating reaches the end of its long life cycle, it can often be renewed without having to be removed, thus avoiding the generation (and subsequent transport) of waste to be disposed and, in the process, reducing the necessity for new material.


Jointless resin-coated floors are easy to clean; as such they require lower amounts of water and chemical products to keep them clean.


A reduction in the amounts of waste generated during construction is also achieved thanks to the packaging of our mixtures, which are made using recyclable materials.


Our investment in a photovoltaic system allows the company to draw its energy from a clean, renewable source. Recodi consumes just 60% of the energy generated by this system, and is therefore a supplier of clean energy to other users. This is an important step towards self-sufficiency that underlines Recodi’s commitment to the environment.

Master Builders Solutions Products

Since 2014, Recodi has been BASF’s Master Builders Solutions Products, which have attained significant certifications on health and sustainability. The Master Builders Solutions products, which have achieved compliance with the strict AgBB guidelines (Committee for Health-related Evaluation of Building Products), have also been shown to have low levels of emissions by the AFSSET protocol, the northern-European Eco Label and the VOC guidelines in France. Master Builders Solutions products for sustainable construction respect the standards on low emissions, and so the air within indoor environments has no volatile organic compounds. In addition, the installation of these floors is a completely odourless operation, making floor-renovations works less intrusive – a very useful bonus if the building is still being used during the works. Recodi’s close relationship with BASF – a member of various associations and commissions around the world, including the LEED and the DGNB – gives the company access to shared international solutions for sustainability.
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