Adhesion and resistance against atmospheric agents

Non-slip ramps

Rampe antiscivolo
Non-slip ramps are generally designed to link up the various levels of a structure, with a view to facilitating vehicle transit. As such, they are usually found on the outside of buildings, and so the concrete used to make them must have all of the properties required to resist the action of atmospheric agents. The non-skid finish must be applied with great care.

Recodi concrete mix

The concrete mix is formulated by Recodi in its own laboratories, and then undergoes testing that takes account of the factors of degradation to which ramps are subject – i.e. the main causes of deterioration of the flooring surface – which are as follows:
  • frequent transit by vehicles
  • presence of water and icing-de-icing phenomena.
It is essential that the concrete has the lowest possible cement/water ratio (below a 0.50) in order to achieve a finished product that has limited porosity, thus enabling it to prevent water penetration, which could cause cracks or detachment as a result of the increasing volume in the transformation from liquid to solid when the temperature drops.
The concrete mix must, therefore, be designed so that the pores of the flooring close over in the shortest possible time, thus rendering it more waterproof.
Last but not least, the non-skid finish is applied to the surface. This is crucial in boosting the adhesion of tyres to the floor. The two finishes used by Recodi are ridged and herringbone. The former, used in areas where the slopes are minimal, feature a continuous ridge obtained through the use of special brushes with rigid bristles; the latter is suitable for steeper slopes and is produced by spreading, over the fresh concrete, a special hardening mortar based on mineral aggregates, which is ideal for protecting the surface and endowing it with a higher level of mechanical resistance to abrasion. The surface is then worked suing specific tools such as templates, levelling staffs and spatulas to achieve the typical herringbone-pattern furrows. Coloured pigments can also be added to enhance the appearance yet further.
In light of all of this, it is clear that, before pouring the concrete, the most important secret concerns the choice and use of high-quality materials, which will ensure that ramp remains solid and continues to perform well over the long term.