Excellent chemical resistance combined with a high level of hygiene

Poliucem resin floors

This polyurethane coating offers excellent mechanical and chemical resistance while also inhibiting 99.9% of bacterial proliferation.
The properties of Poliucem floors are:
  • applied using to spatula at thicknesses of between 4 and 9 mm for a jointless, matt finish
  • contains an anti-bacterial additive that makes it particularly hygienic
  • easy to clean and sterilize, and can be steam-cleaned
  • high level of resistance to chemical corrosion and mechanical stress
  • non-slip properties
  • resistant up to 120°C
  • suitable for wet production facilities, such as those found in the food-processing industry, areas intended for food preparation and plants were chemical processes are carried out.

Poliucem is available in the following formulations:



Polyurethane/cement screeds that are highly resistant to warehouse traffic, corrosion and high temperatures; hygienic and therefore suitable for areas where wet processes are carried out. Applied by spatula at a thickness of between 4 and 9 mm for a jointless, matt finish.


Robust self-levelling polyurethane screed. Suitable to use of storage warehouses and in dry processing areas that are subject to light/medium traffic of personnel and vehicles. Resistant to occasional spills of chemical products. Applied at an average thickness of 4 mm, for a jointless, matt finish.


Polyurethane/cement screeds with a thickness of 5-6 mm that combine excellent chemical and mechanical resistant with an attractive appearance.