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Aviation and airports
Floors for the aviation industry
Safety and quality fly high with Recodi on board
Aircraft, hangars, airports and workshops: in the fascinating aviation and airport sector, to really fly high, safety and quality are paramount, and their starting point is on the floor of these areas. RECODI thus operates at the very base of the processes deployed within an environment marked out by its extremely high quality standards, where ideas come about and are transformed into real, complex projects.
Recodi is the ideal partner in the aviation and airport sector. We can design high-tech concrete and resin floors that are able to meet the specific requirements of transit and assembly/disassembly areas by leveraging our specialist expertise and commitment to innovation.
Industrial floors for the aeronautical sector
In technical terms, these areas require flooring that is able to support heavy loads and continuous mechanical stresses due to the transit of aircraft and airport traffic (runway shuttle, steps, elevators, etc.). Here, concrete floors are the ideal solution, but to ensure durability and efficiency, they must be designed and laid in compliance with specific key requirements:
  • the mix design of the concrete must to formulated to achieve a high resistance to loads and, in outdoor areas, an appropriate exposure class (XF3 with a water/cement ratio of below 0.5) to allow the concrete to resist atmospheric phenomena such as thermal shocks and rainfall, without causing problems
  • the surface must have a high adhesion coefficient to allow the tyres of aircraft and other vehicles to adherence perfectly to the ground with no risk of skidding
  • levelness: it is important that service areas and parking areas have no undulations or disconnects between one section of floor and another. The levelness of the floor must also allow for the drainage of water to avoid stagnation and any risk of flooding
  • the absence of joints: using the correct concrete mix and sizing the surface appropriate, it becomes possible to produce jointless floors – i.e. continuous surfaces that facilitate the transit of equipment and reduce the potential degradation of tyres and of the surface itself.
In assembly/disassembly areas and workshops, a range of different products are handled, some of which are sufficiently heavy that, should they be dropped, they would damage the flooring:
  • hydrocarbons, solvents and propellants require a surface that is waterproof, resistant to chemical aggression, non-skid and easy to clean
  • micro-powder and residues of explosive material may require dissipative or anti-static surfaces that prevent the starting of fires or the triggering of explosions. It is possible to produce EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area) and ATEX (Atmosphere Explosive) areas, in which the floor helps to render the environment safe.
Resin floors are ideal for meeting these needs, and depending on the specific requirements, the most appropriate coating should be applied. All resin surfaces are waterproof, continuous – thus facilitating the cleaning operations – and can be produced with various non-slip surfaces.
Floor markings, which can be applied both to resin and to concrete, are a fundamental element for this sector. Transversal across all areas, in delicate contexts such as this, signage contributes to ensuring order and safety. For example, it is crucial to manage the flow of people and vehicles by delineating and differentiating the transit areas from those used for the disassembly and maintenance of aircraft.
Recodi is able to offer custom-designed solutions to meet current and emerging requirements in this sector, guaranteeing quality and reliability.
With an unwavering focus on research and technological innovation, we endeavour to find and deliver, time after time, the solution that best meets the client’s companies existing and future requirements. Taking a highly professional approach, we deal with issues relating to resistance, durability, hygiene and maintenance, giving careful consideration to regulatory frameworks and the containment of costs, aiming to achieve the best possible value for money on surfaces both large and small.
At the base your aviation operations, use floors from RECODI: 50 years of experience.
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