Repox 4/6 mortar: long-lasting performance

Bicomponent epoxy resin for floors
Repox malta 4/6
Excellent resistance to impact, abrasion and chemical corrosion are the performance characteristics of this bicomponent epoxy resin for floors, particularly those where the traffic is intense and aggressive. These floors guarantee long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance. An extremely versatile flooring solution, it is used on all industrial surfaces.
The solution delivers exceptional results under highly corrosive conditions, as is the case in the chemical or food-processing and under conditions where there is high levels of daily traffic and considerable wear, such as in logistics centres and assembly plants. In short, this is a bicomponent epoxy resin that provides total protection for your floors. The product is available in two different formulations: STD and AC, with different levels of surface roughness. Suitable for environments with intense, aggressive traffic.
The properties of Repox Malta floors are:
  • long-term durability
  • resistance to abrasion
  • resistance to impacts
  • resistance to chemical corrosion
  • minimal maintenance.
Repox Malta STD
A multipurpose system that ensures excellent resistance to impact, abrasion and many chemical products.
Repox Malta AC
A system that resists chemical aggression very effectively.
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