Concrete and resin floors

Retail and community areas

Why is Recodi the ideal partner for the flooring of retail and community spaces?

Because Recodi is sensitive to the requirements of retails areas, showrooms, shops and exhibition spaces and community halls, where the chosen flooring solution has to combine aesthetics and functionality, image and substance.
Because attractive design must not come at the expense of comfort, ease of cleaning and durability.
Because we know how to respect the creativity and experience of the designers, their desire for innovation and the expectations of the clients, thus guaranteeing an end result that makes the most of the corporate image.
Because we take great care over every single detail.
Because we are aware of the additional requirements that these environments have due to the uses to which they are put. In these spaces, it is essential to have floors that can reduce noise, that are jointless and resilient, and that are suitable for wet areas and/or have underfloor heating. Hygienic, anti-bacterial, non-slip and anti-static ESD (electrostatic discharge). Recodi floors meet these requirements.
Suitable areas:
  • shops units/shopping malls
  • cafeterias/bars
  • schools
  • care homes
  • hospitals/research laboratories
  • industries/corridors/thermal rooms
  • leisure areas/changing rooms/showers
  • nurseries
  • offices/meeting rooms/exhibition rooms
  • public areas
  • residential.
Retail and community areas: want more information?
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