Flooring for the electronics industry

Why is Recodi the ideal partner for the electronics industry?
Because Recodi lays floors that reduce the risk of explosion in areas where substances such as solvents, gases or electronic components are being processed, in which electrical discharges could produce sparks that, if uncontrolled, could then give rise to serious explosions.
Because to reduce the accumulation of electrostatic charge, our dissipative coatings are the most appropriate solution for areas where very delicate production processes are carried out (white rooms) and where it is essential to comply with stringent health and safety conditions.
Because to avoid the contamination of the products, it is essential that in these areas the flooring is hygienic and that the coating is able to resist chemical attack during its long service life.
Suitable areas:
  • storage facilities for flammable/explosive material
  • quality-control rooms
  • semi-conductor manufacturing facilities
  • water-treatment plants
  • analytical laboratories
  • areas housing surfaces used for assembly operations
  • assembly areas
  • environments with controlled atmospheres.
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