Industrial floors with high durability
that retain their compliance with Health & Safety

Certificazione ISO9001 e Attestazione SOA

The quality that we offer is certified: Recodi has been ISO9001-certified since 2006 for the design and installation of industrial flooring solutions using concrete and resin coatings and for the production and marketing of pre-mixed mortar and resin products and complementary products for the industrial construction industry. In 2005, Recodi also obtained SOA certification, allowing it to bid for public works contracts.

Innovation in design

On every project, we go to great lengths to fulfil the client’s specific set of requirements, and we are often in a position to anticipate what those requirements will be thanks to our time-honoured expertise. We are constantly building on our experience to enable us to drive our designs forward. All of this is possible thanks also to our approach, which is based on constant study and critical analysis of the latest trends in products and technologies: we conduct experiments with a very open mind towards the future, while taking care not to abandon tried-and-tested certainties. Only in this way can we succeed in offering our clients solutions that we believe in fully.
To deliver solutions that are custom-designed to meet the client’s needs – both short- and long-term – we leverage the experience we have built up over the course of 50 years as well as the latest technologies and latest-generation tools; Recodi makes the most of cutting-edge expertise in the fields of industrial flooring and resin coatings. We make use of specialist, groundbreaking software to size and reinforce our concrete floors. We devote a considerable amount of time and effort to mix design in our concrete mixes – using laboratory testing, we come up with the mix that is best suited to the floor in question.

Reliability, safety and post-sales service

We deliver high-quality solutions and consider ourselves to be a reliable partner, with the capacity to offer not only excellent products and services but also unrivalled preventative and post-sales technical support, as well as continuity of the market and long-standing financial stability.

All of our operations are governed by a dedicated plan that sets precise prevention criteria, evaluating the risks by means of on-site surveys and monitoring. Specific equipment and targeted training complete the procedures necessary to manage the workers on the construction as effectively as possible at all times.


Our employees have been trained to provide technical support at various stages: on the construction site; during the normal operations carried out when laying the floor; when the conducting preliminary tests on the floor; and during the final phases of testing, maintenance and cleaning. We are also able to intervene rapidly to resolve any issues that may arise on the construction site.


We take responsibility for the end-to-end works – from design, through implementation, all the way to post-sales maintenance – using our own employees, who have been trained to resolve all manner of problems associated with the laying of a new industrial floor or the restoration of damaged surfaces.


Our support service is operational throughout the year, to meet our clients’ needs at all times.

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