Industrial flooring for the logistics industry and mass-market distribution

Logistics & Mass-Market Distribution

Industrial flooring for the logistics industry and mass-market distribution
The handling and storage of large quantities of goods, intensive warehouses and high levels of fork-lift traffic, single-point and dynamic loads, extensive surfaces. Logistics and Mass-Market Distribution – including outdoors areas and cold rooms – constitute the test bench for high-performance flooring.

In most cases, dealing with logistics means managing intensive warehouses with the towering shelving racks required for the storage of high volumes of goods and areas that are subject to constant traffic of tall fork-lift trucks with hard wheels (made of vulkollan and nylon).

In these environments, the floor constitutes the “work surface”, subject to both single-point loads, due to the presence of shelves, and dynamic loads caused by the transit of vehicles used for the loading and unloading of goods.

With more than 50 years of experience, RECODI is the ideal partner for clients in the logistics industry and in mass-market distribution, with the capacity to design technologically advanced concrete and resin floors that have what it takes to resolve all of the main problems.


-    Resistance to loads and stresses: RECODI floors that are designed to deal with loading/unloading cycles and with the constant stress caused by the transit of fork-lift trucks achieve a safety coefficient that is 2 or 3 times higher than that set out in the relevant standard. The Recodi floor is thus truly “hassle-free”

-    High planarity: the reference standard requires logistics companies to have floors that are free from irregularities, both concave and convex. The levelness tolerances are set out in the UNI 11146: 2005 standard. It is essential that the inclination to which the fork-lift trucks and pallet trucks are subject is reduced to a minimum, and that operations within the aisles and near the shelves are efficient, in order to ensure the integrity of the vehicles, racks and goods. RECODI uses the Laser Screed vibro-compactor, which – thanks to its computerized laser control – makes it possible to maintain high planarity during the laying of the concrete
-    Absence of joints: contraction joints are critical points in terms of safety, because the constant stress due to the transit of fork-lift trucks and pallet trucks causes the degradation and braking of the joint itself. The technology developed by RECODI for jointless floors substantially reduces the maintenance costs associated with both the floor and the vehicles
-   Surface abrasion resistance: the flooring must have a surface
layer that is able to resist wear and abrasion caused by high levels of traffic, and to this end quartz hardening powder at various degrees of roughness is applied
-    Non-slip, waterproof and oil-resistant finishes: these are used by RECODI to enhance worker safety and to facilitate the transit of the vehicles used, helping to prevent the concrete from becoming soaked with liquids or oils
-    Signage: to promote a sense of order and to facilitate the sub-division of the working areas, standardized symbols are applied to the ground using paint of different colours. In this way, the flows of vehicles and pedestrians can be effectively regulated.
“Cold Logistics”
RECODI designs and lays flooring solutions that have been specifically designed to deliver durable high performance in environments where the temperatures reach down to -35°C. Here, the goods stocked and handled – generally foodstuffs, frozen goods or medicines – require dedicated storage methods. Every product is part of the so-called “cold chain” (from the processing of the raw material all the way to final consumption), the purpose of which is to maintain the optimum temperature to allow the goods to keep their quality intact. The warehouses in this sector are chilled and may have areas/cells with a controlled atmosphere and different temperatures depending on the type of item being stored.
Whether it is made of concrete or is resin-coated, the floor must be able to resist low temperatures and any rapid temperature shifts, maintaining its appearance and its properties.


Resin-coatings are particularly suitable thanks to the numerous advantages that they offer:
-    resistance to mechanical stress
-    resistance to rapid temperature shifts
-    hygienic, waterproof and easy to clean
-    perfect continuity of the surface, preventing the proliferation of bacterial
-    resistance to chemical agents
-    non-skid
Recodi can also produce concrete floors with the same properties as the resin floors described above with the addition of a mixture than make the surface less porous and, therefore impermeable to liquids and resistant to thermal shocks that could otherwise cause it to crack. The concrete technology developed by RECODI, together with the design of appropriate inclines and water drainage, offers high levels of performance even in service areas outside warehouses, where articulated lorries load and unload goods.    
With an unwavering focus on research and technological innovation, we endeavour to find and deliver, time after time, the solution that best meets the client’s companies existing and future requirements. Taking a highly professional approach, we deal with issues relating to resistance, durability, hygiene and maintenance, giving careful consideration to regulatory frameworks and the containment of costs. The same approach is adopted for the overhaul of obsolete floors and floors with levelness problems – these operations can be turned around rapidly without producing dust, bringing the surfaces back to optimum condition.

We know inside out the issues that can arise when carrying out important and delicate logistical operations, and we are delighted to give our customers full access to our expertise.  At the base your logistical operations, use floors from RECODI: 50 years of experience.
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