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Repairing cracks and joints

Repairing cracks
Due to various factors, cracks of various types can appear on flooring.
The most frequent causes include: 
  • plastic or hygrometric shrinkage 
  • instances of pop-out
  • errors in the mix design of the concrete
  • errors in the sizing of the concrete squares
  • insufficient load-bearing capacity of the ballast.
An evaluation of the crack should be carried out, taking account of its size (superficial or deep) and its location, and of the age of the floor and the building. Once complete, the most appropriate restoration method is identified. These operations make it possible to stop corner cracks from breaking off – something that is very damaging to the floor – making it possible to achieve a smooth surface that facilitates the transit of goods vehicles and enhances the safety of the workers.
Repairing joints
Joints are the most delicate element in the floor. While on the one hand they reduce surface tension problems, on the other they are most exposed to physical and mechanical stresses.
Their degradation is the result of various factors:
  • poor design and packaging of the concrete: inappropriate mix design, water-cement ratio too high or wrong sizing of the slabs. This causes the detachment of the surface of the floor and the breaking of the joints
  • transit of fork-lift trucks with hard wheels (vulkollan and nylon) that apply strong, continuous stress near the cut
  • curling (warping of concrete slabs): this occurs when two adjacent concrete slabs are no longer on the same plane, and as a result one of the edges is higher. Continuous impacts trigger the breaking off of the corners.
The first task to be carried out in the reinstatement of damaged joints is to complete an in-depth diagnosis of the problem and then to prepare an adequate section for the insertion of the Recojoint metal joint or for reconstruction with epoxy mortar or cement mortar. With this type of operation, it is easier to ensure the resistance of the joints to stresses due to heavy and intense traffic. Through effective maintenance of the joints, considerable costs can be saved on the maintenance of the goods-handling traffic, since they will not be subject to jolts and vibrations, making it possible to respect the warranty plans.
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