Recosint A2: easy installation and great solidity

Anti-static, conductive resin flooring
Recosint A2
This type of floor affords the advantage of being able to combine all the practicality of easy installation with the solidity of an epoxy coating. The properties of Recosint A2 are as follows: resistance to wear and chemical agents, easy cleaning and maximum hygiene. All of this on a very smooth surface. Recosint A2 is available in two formulations: STD and ASC. Ideal for retail premises, electronics companies and packaging areas.
The properties of Recosint A2 floors are:
  • resistant to abrasion
  • resistant to chemical corrosion
  • anti-static/conductive
  • minimal maintenance
  • smooth surface.
Recosint A2 STD
This is the formulation to use on those areas that require a surface with slight friction. Available in 1 and 2 mm thickness (or higher) depending on the type of surface. Ideal for assembly areas, research and development rooms, light manufacturing facilities and for clean rooms/white rooms.
Recosint A2 ASC
This formulation is intended for those areas that require anti-static, dissipative and conductive coating to deal with any level of electrical resistance. It is the ideal choice for electronic companies, assembly areas, computer rooms and control centres.
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