The leading partner in industrial flooring

At the forefront for more than 50 years
Quality, innovation and maximum efficiency are the cornerstones of the approach taken by Recodi, a company with more than 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of high-tech industrial floors.

The company offers specialist solutions made using concrete and resin, which are capable of meeting the specific needs of numerous different sectors, from food processing, pharmaceuticals and logistics/mass-market distribution to the manufacturing, chemical, automotive and electronics industries, as well as commercial areas.
Why choose Recodi for your industrial flooring?
Because we are able to understand your requirements and we can serve as your single point of contact for dealing with any specific floor-related issues you may encounter. Our flooring solutions are marked out by their innovative design, the use of special materials and cutting-edge equipment, and the quality of their execution and maintenance.

Benefitting from the input of its own design studio, highly specialized technical personnel and a dedicated customer care service to accompany the client through the phase that comes after the floor has been laid, Recodi is ready to meet any requirements that may arise in the field of industrial flooring.


For this reason, Recodi is the ideal partner, with a proven track record of reliability of successfully laying high-quality industrial flooring in new manufacturing plants. The company is also highly experienced in evaluating the modernization and overhaul of existing floors suffering from problems.


Recodi’s vision is clear: to set the benchmark for state-of-the-art technology in industrial flooring.


This vision translates into coherent practices that embody our professional mission day in, day out, whatever the project we are working on:

·      To produce durable flooring that meets the client’s actual needs

·      To work with the client, responding effectively to their every requirement and desire

·      To make the most of our personnel through training and recognition.

Since 1967, Recodi has been operating in the sector of industrial concrete and resin, both on the Italian market and internationally, engaging with such markets as Switzerland, Slovenia, Germany, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Russia, Poland and the USA.
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