25 ottobre 2016

Recodi at CIBUS TEC

Advanced solutions for industrial flooring

Appetite comes with eating, and good ideas come thick and fast at Cibus Tec!

An unmissable event will be taking place in Parma from 25 to 28 October: Cibus Tec, the most high-profile trade fair for all companies involved in the food farming industry. Recodi will be there to showcase, for the benefit of entrepreneurs and decision makers, its latest industrial flooring solutions designed specifically for the sector.

Cibus Tec is one of the main events for keeping up to date with the latest technological innovations in the food farming sector, and affords a comprehensive overview of the finest solutions available, from ingredients and processing technologies to packaging and logistics. It is the ideal setting in which to get to know Recodi’s industrial flooring, which is the fruit of 50 years of experience and an unerring focus on research and technological innovation. Professionalism and expertise make Recodi the ideal partner for effective, durable flooring solutions using cutting-edge concrete and resins, designed to meet the specific objectives of the type of product processed by the company in question.

Recodi offers agri-food companies a range of flooring solutions that have what it takes to meet the industry’s most important requirements:

Cleaning and hygiene
  • Made to be jointless and with floor/wall connection shells avoid the settlement of bacteria
  • They are compact, inert and impermeable throughout their full thickness, and as such they do not facilitate bacterial or fungal growth, and are ideal for environments where high standards of hygiene are essential.
Resistance and durability
  • Resistant to chemical attack by organic acids contained in foodstuffs, particular in fruit and vegetable oils (when spills expand out, the concentration increases, and the acid becomes more aggressive)
  • Resistant to chemical attack by substances used during product and by solvents during the cleaning the systems
  • Resilient against mechanical abrasions due to the transit of fork-lift/pallet trucks and to rubbing during normal working operations
  • Designed to withstand extreme thermal shocks, at high and low temperatures.
Cibus Tec - Resistenza e durata
  • The non-skid factor is very high
  • The reinforcement of the joints between the floor and the water-drainage systems ensures greater impermeability
  • Specific solutions for non-skid finished custom-designed to make the environment safer for operators
  • The use of larger-seized aggregates endows the floor with greater resistance to abrasions, allowing it to retain its non-skid properties.
Rapid istallation
To avoid production-line down, many of our systems can be laid at the weekend or even overnight.
Cibus Tec - Rapida installazione
The longevity of Recodi floors allows for resources to be saved, with lower levels of waste of raw materials, time and energy in the removal and disposal of a floor. The contribution made by Recodi floors to the safeguarding of the climate and to the saving of energy is also demonstrated by the environmental impact evaluations carried out by independent bodies.
Cibus Tec - Sostenibilità
Some of Recodi’s most recent major projects