04 ottobre 2017

August 2017: mission accomplished!

Here is a summary of the projects we have completed.

We were fully operational throughout the traditional Italian holiday period of August, and we carried out a total of 49 projects in 9 Italian regions– using resin in 69% of the cases and concrete in the remaining 31%

The top 5 sectors in which we worked were:
  • 29% Pharmaceutical
  • 18% Manufacturing
  • 12% Metalworking
  • 10% Construction
  • 6% Food processing
The remaining 25% was constituted by the following sectors: electrical, commercial, plastics, automotive, textiles, rubber, agricultural and paper processing, and by research laboratories. 
In short, there was no down-time for Recodi in August: not only were we as busy as ever working on new projects, we also ensured that our clients could count on our full support even during the holiday period as they pulled out the stops to get their own projects finished before the shut down. Mission accomplished!