17 marzo 2016

At MECSPE, Recodi presents cutting-edge solutions for industrial flooring

All roads lead to...Parma!

MECSPE, the event held from 17 to 19 March, is a sine qua non for every company operating in manufacturing. As the meeting point for technologies and industrial production chains, it affords a comprehensive overview of the materials, machinery and processes that can be used to achieve high-quality production. Recodi will be there to network with entrepreneurs and decision makers and to showcase its new industrial-flooring solutions for manufacturing plants.

By leveraging its 50 years of expertise and its constant sensitivity towards the latest research and technological innovation, Recodi’s resistant, durable and hygienic concrete and resin floors have been specifically designed to meet a range of industrial requirements, achieving exceptionally high levels of satisfaction amongst clients in the pharmaceutical, food-processing, mechanical engineering and chemical industries, and in all areas used for logistics.


Recodi designs and produces floors that have what it takes to resolve very effectively all manner of issues relating to:

  • Manufacturing areas: resistance to mechanical abrasion, impermeability to oil being released by machinery, non-skid finishes
  • Warehouses and traffic aisles: resistance to high levels of goods-handling traffic
  • Option to select the system: resin-coated floors are easy to clean and help efforts to create an uncontaminated environment
  • Engineering details: resin coatings combine easy cleaning with an attractive appearance that enhances the perceptions of the environment.

Recodi also offers dissipative and anti-static solutions, which are essential for the safety of workers and machinery in environments where there is an accumulation of static charge on the floor. In addition to the flooring, on request Recodi can also design floor markings that make it possible to enhance the appearance and organization of the working areas: from pedestrian crossings, to direction indicators, all the way to narrow aisles, with Recodi there are no "traffic" problems. Its professionalism and expertise make Recodi the ideal partner for effective, durable flooring solutions using cutting-edge concrete and resins, designed to meet the specific objectives of the company in question.